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Sep 7, 2016

Fifteen Years: 50,000 lives changed

Staying Put has been supporting people for fifteen years and in that time we've helped change the lives of thousands of people.

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Fifteen years ago Staying Put was formed as a unique service to support women and their children fleeing domestic abuse. Fifteen years ago no-one knew that it would be one of the most valued, niche service providers in the North of England. This article provides a snapshot of the successes achieved throughout these years.

No words can ever do justice to the devastating impact caused by domestic violence/abuse. The sorrow, grief and even the potential loss of life that can come from these intolerable crimes.

However, it is important to remember and celebrate fifteen years of work without which, lives would not have been transformed, families rebuilt and children and young people kept safe in the moment and for the future. It is because of this potential life-changing impact that the staff at Staying Put have worked so hard over these last years. We constantly strive to create new ideas, new developments and new opportunities for clients while strengthening our existing partnerships. 

As an organisation we are solution focused keeping prevention and resilience at the heart of everything we do.  We ensure survivors are never silenced, we listen to them and we respond.

Fifteen years of achievements

We have succeeded in our primary aim to engage, empower and sustain our service users. This has been achieved through the provision of innovative services that have kept victims/survivors and their children experiencing domestic abuse safe, without uprooting or moving them. We have continued to move from strength to strength with improved standards in our service delivery.  We achieved this goal with our outstanding community services. We have made lasting impact and we have reached an incredible 15,000 plus survivors and over 35,000 children. 


Fifteen years of value based culture

We have developed an organisational culture that has wide-ranging strengths.  There is a deep passion for the charity, a cultural diversity that is second to none, a high level of integrity and trust plus a commitment to our people’s development and the development of all our services. In this fast changing environment our culture has evolved with stronger values and principles and this has enabled us to deliver effective services.


Fifteen years of economic challenge

As public funds have become  tighter and charitable grants more thinly spread, Staying Put has diversified their funding stream which has helped to strengthen our position in the sector.  

Despite a challenging climate Staying Put remains at the heart of the solution for many victims of domestic abuse and will continue to be proactive in raising the profile of this terrible crime. 


Fifteen years of collaboration

We continue to have visible presence at national, regional and local level with the aim of influencing positive outcomes for survivors and the domestic abuse sector.  We will continue to work closely with the statutory and Voluntary Community Service to ensure the right services are in place to support the health and well-being of people living with domestic abuse. It is also important that we work in partnership with key stakeholders to make sure local domestic abuse services work together to meet the objective of the Domestic and Sexual Violence Strategies. Ensuring a strategic response to ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) and inter-personal violence against men.


Fifteen years of quality service

Staying Put is committed to achieving excellence in service delivery.  We believe quality assurance is the process that enables us to verify or determine whether our services meet or exceed service user expectations.  We have gained the IIP Gold standard, Quality Assurance Framework and Women’s Aid National Quality Standards, reinforcing our commitment to high quality service delivery.


Fifteen years of outstanding staff/board

We remain inspired by the commitment of the staff/board at Staying Put, who often go beyond the call of duty to provide that extra help and support. We are also hugely grateful of the support from our partners and those who give us donations, without which we could not have achieved so much. Without a doubt, every contribution directly touches the lives of survivors.


What do the next Fifteen years look like for Staying Put?

There is so much more to do as we continue to see a rapid increase in reporting of domestic abuse. We are pleased to announce we were selected on the Scale Replicator programme led by the International Centre for Social Franchising (ICSF).  We secured money from the Big Lottery Fund to review our strategic plan, which incorporates sustainability, growth, development and replication models; to assist us to grow and scale over the next 5 years and widen our reach and help many more vulnerable people.


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Yasmin Khan – Director of Staying Put