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Recovery and Resilience

Staying Put’s aim is to promote a culture of change and reduce inter-generational cycles of poor outcomes, to prevent and reduce repeat victimisation, to improve mental wellbeing, increase education and employment opportunities and to ensure community integration.

The Recovery and Resilience team adopt a systemic, evidence based trauma-informed approach to recovery from DASV for all family members. The key elements to supporting successful recovery and providing practical help include:

  • Attending to safety
  • Recognising personal strengths
  • Building up of new and personal support networks

We  provide a range of Recovery Group Work Programmes, including the established Freedom Programme, raising awareness of abuse and focusing on healthy relationships. 

We will soon be providing shorter group work programmes including:

  • Our Family Journey - an established 8-week programme to help parents recognise the impact abuse can have on children, whilst removing the blame and shame they may feel
  • Therapeutic Recovery Group - a 6-week programme that aims to improve the overall emotional, physical health and wellbeing of individuals who have experienced trauma, physical violence, and psychological abuse, using positive affirmations to challenge their negative self-perceptions and move towards more positive self-care
  • Life Coaching - helping participants create goals, set targets and build self-esteem, confidence and coping mechanisms through a fully trained facilitator

The project's guiding principles emphasise the importance of building strong relationships with local partners and strengthening their skills in areas such as basic information giving or sign posting to ensure appropriate response is given by a specialist organisation.