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Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme has been designed to help any woman who has experienced or is affected by domestic abuse, including same-sex relationships. The course is also for any woman who just wants to learn more about abusive and controlling relationships as well as healthy relationships, whether personal or professional. The Freedom Programme runs for 2 hours each week for 12 weeks in a Children’s Centre in Bradford and Keighley.

What is the Freedom Programme?

The Freedom Programme is a domestic violence programme which was created by Pat Craven who holds the copyright (all rights reserved) and evolved from her work with perpetrators of domestic violence.

We provide information, not therapy. The Programme was primarily designed for women as victims of domestic violence. Research shows that the vast majority of cases of serious abuse are male on female.

The Freedom Programme examines the roles played by attitudes and beliefs on the actions of abusive men and on the responses of victims and survivors.

The aim is to help them to make sense of and understand what has happened to them, instead of the whole experience just feeling like a horrible mess.

The Freedom Programme also describes in detail how children are affected by being exposed to this kind of abuse and more importantly how their lives are improved when the abuse is removed.

Is this group for me?

This group is suitable for women still in an abusive relationship or women who are recovering from an abusive relationship. This includes same-sex relationships.

The Freedom Programme is run by qualified facilitators at Staying Put and Keighley Domestic Violence Services. We will provide translators and a crèche facility if required.

This is a supportive group in a safe environment and nobody has to speak about their own experiences if they do not wish to. You can come along and just be around others in a similar situation and make new friends.

Biscuits and refreshments are available free of charge. We would love for you to come and join us.

For more details please call Michelle or Misbah on 0808 2800999